2 Zalando Recommendations

Zalando Recommendations recommendations fragment and Product Detail on Android

Project Details

  • Client : Zalando SE
  • Employment status : Employee
  • What did Ray Accomplish : Android development
  • Libraries Used : Android, Fragments, RetroFit, RxJava, OKHttp
  • Completed on : 2013-2018
  • Analytics : User interations and clicks were recorded as well the items (SKUs). Firebase Analytics, Google Analytics, internal analytics


As the main developer(employee at the time) on the recommendations, Ray built from scatch the building block as Android Fragment.

Substainable, this component is low maintenance (other 8 developers maintained) and is re-used across the app in the recommendations, null search (when the user enters a search that returns no result).

Customizable and self-contained, the Fragment is customized by a Builder pattern at creation time.

The Detail page is swipeable to next the detail page. The detail itself contains RecyclerView with an adapter delegate pattern to manage different view types (gallery,description,reviews, recommendations). The nested level of fragment was 5 or 6.