3 Webedia Apps

Webedia unique framework for multi editorial apps

Project Details

Webedia’s PurePeople(France, Brazil), PureBreak, PureTrend

The 1st Webedia’s app was PurePeople France outsourced by an agency C4mProd SA.

I started with a blank sheet of paper over the new design. User flow, UX design, backend were completely diffent. We had to keep the same package name to keep the existing users on the Play store. I was the sole developer on these apps.

Further apps came such as PurePeople Brazil, PureBreak , PureTrend

Since the backend models were the same, I extracted a common framework to build and mantain these apps. The CTO, Julien, was delighted. The main differences remain in the styling, analytics.

One notable feature is “dynamic styling”. Webedia revenues are mainly advertisement. A less intrusive form of advertisement is by styling by a brand(ex: schweppes). It is a bit like dark or light theme mode. Except that this style is downloaded at the initialization of the app.

Since 2013, these apps didn’t evolve apart from minor font, UI styling.